Baan Tepa:
House History

The historic house itself is part of the Baan Tepa experience. Baan Tepa was built in the 1980s, owned by Chef Tam’s grandmother, Lady Suwaree Debhakam, a home that has been in the family for 3 generations. The compound has now been converted into an urban food space with three key sections; Tepa Kitchen, Tepa Garden and house itself.

From the initial conception, the intention was to preserve classic elements of the historical home. The kitchen has been created to cater to events, the grounds and garden re-imagined, but the compound is still very much reminiscent of what it used to be. Just the way the family remembers it.

The main house is two storeys high, an expansive yet intimate space that can accommodate up to 100 guests.There is a clear emphasis on grand, natural lighting and heigh ceilings. The walls are crafted with materials taken from cabinet doors of the old house. Every touchpoint here has a rich air of heritage preservation. Through the main door, guests are transported back to a more historic time. The door remains unchanged, an important piece of the compound. The reception room houses classic bookshelves from the 1980s, restored chairs that belonged to Lady Suwaree and the airs of historic Thai interior.

The main dining hall is a flexible, open space that caters to each occasion. Guests will be able to see the classic teakwood staircase across the room, as well as enjoy the balcony from the second floor, which is suited for entertainment throughout the evening.

Across the other side of the compound is where guests will find the Garden Wing, a tailored and private dining space to host private dinners and events, with customised menus from Chef Tam. The wing is connected to The Octagon room, a lounge on an extended patio which overlooks the garden, a place of conversations, private setting and an evening to remember.